Brent M. Long 

Experienced and Focused IT Professional

A little bit about me, personally speaking...

I spent the first two decades of my life living in Northeast Ohio learning all the essentials of life and shaping a large part of the man I am today.  Since 2004 I have lived, worked, and been an active member of the Myrtle Beach, SC area.  I have a wonderful family with which I share strong bonds.  This city has truly been exploding in population, size, and commerce all being primarily supported by a booming tourism industry and a movement of Mid-west and Northern families relocating here. I've found a passion for working in the Healthcare field as an IT professional, and the mission that FQHC's serve is what has drawn me back to working for one. I lead my team by example, work hard at everything I do, and always try to represent the compassion and care that our organization shows every day.

I'm very active and passionate in many skill sets, and hobbies, outside of work. If I had to choose three of the biggest  they would be learning, fixing, and improving Technology, anything Automobile-related, and DJ'ing music at live performances. I'm a Technology Professional by trade, an Automotive "Junkie" by heart, and a "Music Nut."  Any of my friends could tell you those three traits about me immediately because I live and breathe them every day!

My professional objective has always been to work with an organization that can offer a productive, creative, and forward-thinking atmosphere that I can embrace and improve upon. I'd like to represent a company that is open to adopting new technologies, encourages career growth, and provides a social atmosphere that creates and  strengthens interpersonal bonds between employees.  I want to be challenged each day with goals and situations that will not only continue to make me a better professional, but also a better person and communicator.

Some of the Recognition I've received...